(620) 375-2341, City Hall (620) 874-4279, After Hours 406 South 4th St., PO Box 7E, Leoti, KS 67861

Notice Water Conservation Ordinance

The City of Leoti has a year round Water Conservation Ordinance that was adopted in 2014. There is to be NO watering between the hours of 12:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. unless a special permit has been granted by the City Council.

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City Government City of Leoti

Current Council Members
  • Charlie Hughes, Mayor / Fire Chief
  • Kelma Burch
  • Derek Meyer
  • Greg Graff, Council President
  • Tammie Meyer-Givens
  • Tyrrell Tankersley
City Officials
  • Terry Bloedorn, EMS Chief
  • Wade Dixon, Municipal Judge
  • Charles Moser, City Attorney
  • Elizabeth Gould, City Treasurer
  • Jeannine Hassell, City Clerk
  • Cendy Morcillo, Deputy City Clerk
  • Patty Medina, Municipal Court Clerk / Office Assistant
Planning & Zoning Board Members
  • Terry Laws
  • Brian Downing
  • Charles Medina
  • Autumn Ames
  • Will Thomas, Chairman
  • Eric Hassell
  • Jonathen Kiser

City Shop Staff City of Leoti

  • Travis Seaton, City Superintendent
  • Blaine Medina, City Supervisor
  • Kenny Staley, Sanitation Supervisor
  • Adam Marcotte, Code Enforcement Officer

  • Anthony Lobmeyer, Service Technician
  • Lane Plowman, Service Technician
  • Joel Chavez, Service Technician

  City Hall: 620.375.2341
  Shop: 620.375.2592
  After Hours: 620.874.4279
  General Email:

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